"Though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run."
Blue, resist the urge to use facebook. You can do it. Good luck.
Cats and dogs can be friends. So can cowboys and indians. So can we.
Why try to be the best when there's no hierarchy in heaven?

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Don't Believe The Power


If I were a politician, I'd be shot in a day or hanged from a tree,
'cause the values I'd preach would stir controversy:
"Strip them of their clothes when they lie to your face,
When they rot at the core, when their vow's a disgrace.
Rob them of their dignity, their so-called 'moral compass,'
And show us who they really are."

If I were a politician, I'd be set on fire and called a flame,
'cause the pain I'd address would unsettle the game.
When honesty is lost, well, then nothing remains —
Except hunger for power, more personal gains.
More late night parties. More hookers and coke.
More 'political intrigue.' (More fire and smoke.)
So rob them of pride, show their bums to the world.
Let them think, one last time, who's the butt of the joke.

The People? Who cares about the stupid people?
We wheel and deal, we're the church AND the steeple!
We rule the world! We MAKE you small!
Then pretend they're as pretty as Carnegie Hall:
Dignified yet accessible;  spotless and clean;
Acting modest when everyone's staring.
"We're no communists, but we care about sharing!"
"Let's make this country great again!" (and our pockets even greater).
"Anyone who says we're scum is only a hater."

Power corrupts.

* * *